Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mild Thing , Our Scottish Blackface Ewe

My hubby blade sheared her a couple of weeks ago. She is a registered Scottish Blackface  born in 2003 at Littledale Farm in Wisconsin. Her sister, Wild Thing, was acquired at the same time. We are talking about breeding "the girls" one more time. The plan is to stand them to a registered Horned Dorset ram to introduce  more diversity into the Dor Galen breed.
Mild Thing 2011
Here is a  link to Littledale Farm for more info on the Scottish Blackface breed.
Mild Thing Fall 2010
Here is my husband's post on Mild Thing......


  1. Mild Thing.......great name, I love it.

  2. Actually, Mild Thing is wilder than her sister, wild Thing, hence her name. She's a very deceptive sheepie!
    Thanks for the comment, Kelly and take care!