Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mary Jane's Farm This is Not!

For those of you who haven't heard of Mary Jane's Farm check it out......

As I was putting my first load of laundry in at 8 AM this morning,  I saw five or six ewes from Tim's flock stroll by the window. They were on the other side of the fence in our neighbor's cornfield, heading towards the highway and on their way back to Ladoga, Indiana as far as I could tell. I yelled at them and they saw me and started trotting back from whence they came. I went out to the hayloft west window where I have a good view of the back and west fence line. The sheep were already back by that time so I couldn't get an exact place where they had re-entered the pasture, but I had a general direction. The rest of Tim's flock was milling about the east paddock bleating to be fed grain.  " Sorry, Girls,,,,I said. "You have to eat pasture while you're here!" I got in touch with my husband at work and relayed to him the incident. He instructed me to go to the hayloft and get the garden fence remaints to repair the fence. He also told me where the fencing pliers were located in the barn.
Blitzen, our Boer goat was not cooperative this morning so I struggled with his 250+ pound self and I was not winning. I got his goat attention by food that I put in his stall then locked him in.
Armed with my shepherd's crook and the garden fence, I proceeded to the west fence line and walked down it looking for breaks.  I was under the scrutiny of Tim's flock who followed me at a distance all the time as they continued to graze.
About midway down the fence , I discovered a very low place where the sheep could hop across. By the look of the freshly trampled grass, that is where they had accomplished their get away. I placed the garden fence across the top of the last row of barbed wire and discovered that the fencing pliers had escaped my denim jacket pocket. I had to secure it the best I could without the fencing pliers.
I then returned to the barn where I found the fencing pliers in the goat's stall.........

This is  decidedly  not Mary Jane's Farm!!!!!!!!!!!

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