Friday, November 27, 2009

Fighting Rams vs. Lover Ram

You just gotta love rams and their quirky behaviors! Here is a pic of a fine, black Katahdin ram just purchased last week by the lady who rents our pasture.

He was put in with a white Katahdin ram who has been with the Katahdin ewes  the past few weeks for breeding purposes. Our renter also purchased a white with black spots Katahdin ram of the same age.....her plans, to get them to a good weight and have them slaughtered for this coming spring's farmer's market . 
Well, how did the boys get along(all three intact, BTW)? The white ram was defending his "girls" from the new boy on the block. They were pushing against each other, groaning, butting heads, etc. The ewes were busily eating grain, oblivious to the struggle for their affections. Where was the white and black spotted ram? I looked fervently and found him among the ewes munching his little heart out. While his macho  companions continued their wrestling match, "Lover Ram" mounted and bred a couple of ewes.

I had a good laugh and made a mental note to tell our renter that she might have some white and black spotted lambs this spring.

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