Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait............

This is my last post of the month.  I just read Kelly's  post at OK Acres.  These pics are for her........

I've waited for this display since 2007.  When I moved to this farm in 2007, this rose bush was sending up four shoots.  I didn't know what type of rose or what color.  I silently speculated........

perhaps it is a tea rose,  I carefully dug around it and watered it. I was hoping to see it bloom that spring. The goats ate it that year and the next.  The last couple of years I pruned it back without the  help from the goats. I did not prune the large canes this spring as I noticed last year's growth was climbing toward the support.    My hubby put rabbit droppings  at the base of the plant last fall.  This year.............voila!

For you, Kelly................

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rambo's Horns

Rambo is entering his second year of life. His sire was a Horned Dorset and his ewe was a Scottish Blackface. Here is a pic from last year of his horns...........

And here are a couple of pics of his horns from 2011.....Notice the second curl starting to form.



Friday, May 27, 2011

Mini Chunk!

Chunky Bun's girl, Mini Chunk! Again , note the resemblance to her mother, Chunky.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of Brittany's Girls

Here is one of Brittany's girls.  She looks alot like her mother and we hope she will have Brittany's excellent ability to raise healthy  triplets.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Vet Visits the Farm

Dr. Culbertson D.V.M. came to the farm last week to see our youngest Dor Galen ram. He was born April 29th and we attempted to castrate him when he was two days old. We thought we had both testicles in the scrotum before we banded him, but one week later, my husband could not feel anything in the scrotal sac.
We called Dr. Culbertson for an assessment and took the band off as suggested by his staff. The vet arrived on May 12th as scheduled and examined him. He could feel nothing in the scrotal sac or the lamb's abdomen. He thought there might remain some residual tissue in the sac so he reapplied the band and suggested we wait until he was four months old then re examine him for any intact testicles. It was fun to have the vet out and see our farm, I asked if I could get a pic of him for the blog and he gave permission. I will post it here after  we get it uploaded  to the computer......

Update 5/26/2011

Dr. Culbertson D.V.M.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Farm Dog, Willie.....

A sketch of Willie snoozing on the couch, his favorite place to dream.............
I did this with drawing pencils a couple of days ago.  Enjoy!!