Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait............

This is my last post of the month.  I just read Kelly's  post at OK Acres.  These pics are for her........

I've waited for this display since 2007.  When I moved to this farm in 2007, this rose bush was sending up four shoots.  I didn't know what type of rose or what color.  I silently speculated........

perhaps it is a tea rose,  I carefully dug around it and watered it. I was hoping to see it bloom that spring. The goats ate it that year and the next.  The last couple of years I pruned it back without the  help from the goats. I did not prune the large canes this spring as I noticed last year's growth was climbing toward the support.    My hubby put rabbit droppings  at the base of the plant last fall.  This year.............voila!

For you, Kelly................


  1. Awwww, I have tears in my eyes.....thank you Lorraine for your thoughtfulness. The beauty of your long awaited roses is perfect.
    It's a fitting tribute for Sarah, we buried her on the hill last night.
    You have a kind heart.

  2. Kelly, I remembered when we buried Miniel in February, We had to wait a month before we could bury her because the ground was so frozen. We had laid her on a pillow and covered her up with a blanket inside a plastic storage bin. When we buried her, it had been so cold , she didn't look any different. She just looked like she was asleep...very peaceful. My hubby asked if he could use the Valentine roses he bought for me for her. He placed the roses on top of her and her blanket. We cried..... He planted red petunias on her grave a couple of weeks ago.He is such a dear man! I know how painful it is to lose a sheep you love. Please be extra kind to yourself now...take extra care!