Monday, June 20, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Here is a photo of Scarface (mother) and Bonnie (daughter)............
Scarface came to us in 2009 from Tim's flock. She had her face injured by a dog  while we were away from the farm. We nursed the wound on her face for six weeks. The wound was to the skull and I did normal saline wet to dry dressing changes to her face daily plus I gave her antibiotics. We asked Tim if we could buy her from him and he agreed to the sale. She became quite tame and very friendly.
She surprised us with Bonnie in February 2010. We didn't realize she was pregnant but Bonnie was a healthy ewe lamb.
Scarface is a Border Leister/ North Country Cheviot cross. Bonnie was sired by a Blue Face Leister ram.
We enjoy them immensely.......

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