Monday, July 18, 2011

Waiting for the Vet.........and the Heat!

Rambo's castration day is  here.........I'm kinda anxious and hope that all goes well for him. He and Madonna are in the cleaned out center aisle of the barn.
It is very hot and we are entering a dangerous heat wave for the coming week. We will try to keep the animals as comfortable as possible. My hubby cleaned out the walk through yesterday which has a concrete floor . It was horrible heat conditions yesterday here on the farm. We had to take frequent breaks while working.
We will keep an eye on the animals and hope for the best in the coming week.
Everyone stay as cool as possible!


  1. All the critters are suffering.....I've put in a couple extra water tanks and a swimming pool in the pasture, the alpacas and llamas love them. The hubby put up a mesh tarp for more shade for the sheep and Maremmas.........and the chickens just stay inside. Our local fair is this's not a good week for stressing the critters, so I bought more fans! lol Stay cool yourself Lorraine.

  2. Hi, Kelly!
    Yes , the heat is horrible for the animals! Bill , our llama , has been laying down in the walk through. The Dor Galen flock is in the barn lying in front of the fan. Rambo survived castration, but he's horribly stressed.
    Bill had two showers yesterday and Hubby found him with his two fore feet in the stock tank yesterday evening.
    I've been doing hourly checks on everyone. Time to check again and thanks for the comment.