Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Slaughter or Castration?

What to do with an intact ram.........slaughter or castration? Rambo has bred the Dor Galen flock once, resulting in a nice 2011 lamb crop. We are sharing a Horned Dorset ram with Tim, who will be used for breeding purposes this fall.....( the ram, not Tim!).  Rambo has been gentle and non -aggressive with us. He produced the largest fleece I have ever seen on this farm when we sheared him this past spring. I've noticed that he is with the ewes if they are not feeling well, so I've used him as a type of barometer for the flock.
My hubby made an appointment for Rambo and Nemo at the local slaughterhouse for this coming Thursday. I understand the necessity of  having to slaughter intact ram lambs, but it is very hard emotionally to deal least, it is for me.  My husband is more practical about the matter, but he said I could check with Dr. Culbertson about castration for Rambo. Nemo, on the other hand, needs to be slaughtered to see if the Dor Galen breed we are developing can be dual purpose and used for meat as well as fleece.
I called Dr. Culbertson this morning. He will be here this coming Monday morning to castrate Rambo here on the farm.
Nemo will be going for slaughter this Thursday. He will have done his duty for the survival of the flock.
Farming is not an easy occupation...................

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