Monday, October 25, 2010

My First Sheep, Lionel

Aside from the bottle lambs that my father brought home when I was a little girl of four, this is my first sheep.  I purchased him from my husband in 2007 when Lionel  at the time was heading for the slaughter house. My husband, who was my fiance at the time, had already sold him to slaughter, but after we blade sheared him, I couldn't bear to part with him. I paid my husband $175.00 for him. He is a wethered Horned Dorset with white eyelashes and a pretty pink nose. After his first shearing, we got most of his fleece except for his neck and head.  The result was a strange, mythical creature who, from a distance resembled a lion with a mane, so my hubby suggested we name him "Lionel".  He is a very, loving, affectionate sheep. I sold his 2010 fleece to a spinner from SWIFT.   The Horned Dorset breed hails from England and Lionel is quite the proper English gentleman in my book! 

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