Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miniel's Fight

Yesterday afternoon, Miniel was not doing well at all. I brought her onto the back porch and fed her Raisin Bran by hand followed by water from a shallow pan.  By the time my husband came home from work, she had spiked a fever and was having what appeared to be febrile convulsions. We thought she wouldn't last much longer and discussed whether we should put her out of her misery and suffering.
Fortunately, we decided to hit her with 2 cc's of penicillin S.Q. at 7:30 P.M. We made sure she ate some hay and drank water about 8:30 last night. This morning she was doing much better and even attempted to stand for a brief few seconds. We hit her with 2 cc's of penicillin again this morning after the major storm passed through. My husband fed her by hand again and ensured she drank her water. She is eating hay, continuing to chew her cud and passing normal formed stools.  Her kidneys are still working as she continues to pass urine. She is in the stall with her mother and sister and we shut the stall door to the outside to keep her out of the ferocious wind. The temp is supposed to drop to 30 degrees tonight as a cold front passes through Indiana. We will make her as warm as possible with straw bales in the center aisle of the barn. Everyone keep praying for her to make it..............Thanks!

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