Friday, October 12, 2012

"There You Go Again"

To quote Ronald Reagan, "There you go again".............

And here I go again..............I'm tired of these "men" who keep opening their mouths and re-inforcing the stereotypical rape victim who "lies" about rape.
Have women "lied" about rape? I'm sure there have been cases .....and it makes it hard on the victims who have been raped. Do I condemn these women for lying? You  bet I do!  But the women who have been raped are presumed guilty from the start. It is her fault "for dressing like that". "She asked for it." " She enjoyed it."  "She came onto me." "She should have protected herself better." "What was she doing out, jogging, walking, hiking, etc.?" "Why was she drinking?" "She had consensual sex with someone else.......How do we know this was not consensual?" "All women enjoy a little rape now and then"...."If the woman didn't resist, she must have wanted it".......

I am tired about all the lies about rape. Let's tell the truth about rape........................... Children  of both sexes are raped. Men are raped. Rape is across the whole life span. It happens in marriage, out of marriage, dating, or whether  one is heterosexual, gay, or transgendered.
Rape is not about sexual's about power and humiliation of the rape victim. The anger of the rapist is transferred to the victim and it is a soul destroying event in the victim's life. Some rape victims are murdered or severely beaten during the assault and that potential exists with every assault, hence why  some victims don't fight back...........they are trying to save their life.

Enough of these so called "men" and the lies they spew forth about rape. Please, shut up!

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