Monday, April 2, 2012

Miracle Lambs

March 2nd, 2012, the evening of my mother's funeral, we returned home to find Mild Thing in labor with twins.  My hubby discovered her in the barn and had me take a look.  The lambs head was large and there were no forefeet presenting under his chin. I washed her off, lubed and gloved up, but I couldn't feel his forelegs. "Oh, no! Mom! ", I prayed.  Hubby and I were desperate.  " Go get Hilary.....
She has smaller hands." This was my mother's voice I heard, so I immediately got Hilary, our youngest daughter who had been with us the last 24 hours of Mom's life. She and Chris, her significant other, had attended the funeral and driven back with us after my mother's burial.  

Hilary and Chris came out to the barn and we briefly explained what was going on. The lamb had both forelegs tucked underneath him. She lubed and gloved up. She looked  directly into my grief stricken eyes and said, " Don't worry, Mom. I'm getting this lamb for you. I won't let him die the day you buried Grandma!" She told me she prayed to her Grandma while she was trying to get the lambs forelegs. She also turned to Chris to get new gloves and yelled, "Glove me! I'm going in!"

Our daughter worked for 45 minutes as we turned Mild Thing on her side to deliver that lamb. She kept suctioning the lamb to make sure his airway was clear. Hilary got him!!!!!!! She named him Charlie after my mother's oldest brother.

 Charlie also had a twin sister Hilary named Ruthie after my mom and her grandma. She was delivered by Jacquie and Tim , our shepherd friends , after they arrived.

So there you have the story of our "miracle lambs"..........Hilary made us promise they would never be sold or slaughtered and we had no problem promising her their safe keeping!


  1. What a wonderful story. Loved it.

    1. These lambs have brought us joy and comfort, especially, now.

      Thanks for your sweet comment, Kelly.