Monday, August 23, 2010

Back Home Again in Indiana..........and back to work!

    I wonder if people who do not live on a farm know the work involved just to keep it from looking like abandoned property! We had been away for five days and I mowed the yard the day before we left. Upon our return it looked like the mower had not touched it for at least two weeks...........and the garden.............. ...........looked bad when we left, indescribable upon our arrival . After weeding around the tomato and pepper plants, we discovered ripe tomatoes and peppers!

   My husband and I canned seven quarts of tomatoes yesterday. I was appreciative of his help. I have far to go to get the rest of the weeds out of the garden, but with eggs to wash and pack plus the laundry to catch up, I might get fifteen minutes to weed this evening............

   The back porch collects mud, hay, grass, and every manner of animal excrement imaginable, plus occasional chicken feathers! I usually sweep it twice a week so people can step in and not freak out.
This is on my agenda today in case anyone stops by.

   We did get some great photos of 18th-19th century Norwegian spinning wheels from our trip which I will post later.........until then, I have to find that broom!

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