Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Honor of Jihad

We had to put down Jihad this evening. She was suffering and couldn't get up. I had the distinct impression she was hanging in there for us......because we wanted her to live. When we went to check her this evening , she was lying down and when she saw us, she struggled to get up. My husband let me have a few minutes with her while he got the other sheep out of the barn and shut the stall doors to the paddock. I scratched her ears and told her what a good ewe she had been and what a fine baby girl lamb she had given us. I told her she was going to a better place and her suffering would be over. My husband shot her with his rifle at the base of her ear. I couldn't be present but he alleviated her suffering in a quick and humane manner and for that I am most grateful. Here is a poem in her honor:

A Sheep Farmer's Prayer

Heaven won't be so lonely
If what I hope is true
If a little lamb is there
Or some old friendly ewe
In those celestial pastures
Beside still waters deep
May the eternal future find me
With a little band of sheep

My husband said the expression in her eyes after death showed relief.

Fare thee well, Jihad.
We will remember you....

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